About Canary Truck Services

Canary Truck Services Bakkie

Canary Truck Services was founded in 1993 by Ian Adam with a bakkie, tool box and a vision to provide transporters with reliable and cost effective fleet maintenance. After working from the back of a bakkie for 2 years, Ian expanded the business and moved into premises in Sacks Circle, Bellville. This strategic move meant that he could acquire specialised equipment and further increase services offered to customers. With the expansion of the business into premises, staff complement and customer base grew.

Why the name Canary?

Owner Ian Adam born in Norwich, England, was posted to Villiersdorp to maintain the mechanisms operating the sluice gates of the dam, after several years he moved to Cape Town and not only brought with him his expertise in mechanics but his love for football. Ian went on to work at some of the largest truck dealers in the Cape all while playing semi-professional football over the weekend.

With the ambition to start his own business Ian took his two passions of football and mechanics and created Canary Truck Services. Canary symbolising his premier league home club Norwich City whom are better known to the locals as the Canaries.